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Just another general topic. You may chat with me and others as long as it is nothing inappropriate. If you want to add something to the title, please put parentheses around your word and do not delete any of my stuff. Also, please do not mess with the tags.

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@Dessert_queen, I know you said on your bio to go ahead in tag you in my general topic, so here you go.


WhAt ArE yOu DoInG?!
(Sorry for weird text lol)


Right now, about to go to bed. I have an academic competition at school in the morning.


Good luck in the competition!


Thanks! They are just taking tests other than creative writing.


Ask me anything ( except personal information)


I am waiting.


How has your day/night been?


It has been a pretty good day. I had to take 3 consecutive tests for an academic competition, which took up part of my 1st period and all of my 2nd period. How has yours been?


Literacy was a pain.
Art was okay.
Gym was painful.
Science was okay.
Social Studies was cool.
Math was easy.


Well, because of those tests, I missed most of Bible and all of reading, but we got candy in science and English. Math and history were normal, and we did manican challenge in drama.


Oh ok!
I hope you do good!:blush:


Thanks! I hope I did too. I won't know for at least another 3 weeks.


My latest project


Do you like Harry Potter?

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  • Nope
  • Never read/seen it


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Hi Sophia!


Hey, @MiNi!


I'm eating cheese​:cheese:



I like cheese. What kind are you eating?