Running Out Of Ideas?



We've all been there, CODERS BLOCK, when you can think of anymore ideas and your just sitting there looking at the screen hoping one will pop up in your mind. Here I will get your juices flowing and hopefully give you some ideas. Feel free to add your own!

•Whats your favorite food? Now make a (Place your favorite food) Making Simulation.
•Look in the App Store!
•Play around with some code, you may learn something new.
•Think of your favorite cartoon character, look up some pixel art templates for them!
•DRAW! You can do drawing request or just draw your favorite characters! BONUS: Make the drawing pad!
•What's your favorite animal? Try making that animal WITHOUT emojis or text.
•Make a Website!
•Do a project about your favorite character. Ex: Chillana's Snowboarding Adventure, Bird's Donut Shop, Bear's Chair Shop, etc.
•Make a Movie!

These are just ideas, you can do whatever you want with them.

Ideas ideas ideas I'm stumped!

Great list of ideas. You could do some daily or everyweek with some new ideas like me.