Rules of the HS hotel


We enjoy you having a stay at the hopscptch hotel!

So here are a couple of rules that if you break you could be suspended or perm banned from the hotel!!

  1. Always log out when done!!!!

  2. Don't change the password please!

  3. If you can't log in, please don't spam staff didn't forget you we will get you in.

  4. If you book a room no publishing without preimisson from a leader or me.

  5. Be nice! We don't want people being mean to people! :-0

  6. Don't hack, please?

  7. If you don't like the idea, sorry I mean you don't half to do it.

  8. Have fun!!!


I'm not a member, but this is cool!

A consequence of messing it up could be a cleanup fee- they would have to fix their mess or do something to help. :slight_smile:


Ohh YESH great idea!


I'm back hello! @Huggingfluffybear may I join? I might not be on a lot today I have to do a show and study for 2 more shows UGHHH


Please head over to the main topic.


I thought this was the main topic

EDIT: Well...nvm