Rules Of Hopscotch (For Newcomers!)


Hi coders,
I made some rules that everyone should follow on hopscotch...

  1. Don't share private information! (ex: name, a photo of yourself, where you live, age, and date of birth)
  2. Be nice to others! Give suggestions and feedback! If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself!
  3. Do not beg for likes! Begging for likes is pretty needy! And, DON'T TRICK PEOPLE INTO GETTING YOURSELF LIKES! I see this ALL the time on Hopscotch
  4. No swear words should be used! If you use any bad words I think there is some sort of punishment, such as a ban from Hopscotch or something like that. I'll look into it.
  5. Have fun! Hopscotch is a super fun coding app and you can have lots of fun with it, if you follow the rules and be creative!!



Personal info: phone number, email, full name, ad.dress, photo of your face (people won't know you by your hands and feet), school, etc.

And great tutorial!


No offence but I don't think sharing your age matters. Like, there is a million other 9 year olds out in the world (I am one of them).


Yes, I understand your point. But there are some people out there that are not kids. This is like an idenitity theft thing. Identinty theives go after the 9,10,11,12 year old age groups. So, it is still not right!


Thanks! Yes, the other items you have mentioned also are things you shouldn't share when your on Hopscotch or any other website!


Oh, ok.


If you say you are 12, a hacker can eliminate all the other age groups, making it easy to hack
Don't share ages!


Hope you understood! :slight_smile:


Yes! That is a good point as well @Anonymous


But you can say like, an age range, right? Like 12-18?


Common sense says that it's still an age group


These are good! I often see new users showing pictures of themselves or sometimes even cursing! This is very helpful.

off topic

I love being the person to give a post it's 10th like. It's like I gave the person a Nice Post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well, I think that should be ok. But still, like why would you even WANT to share your age. What could be the reason?! Thanks for asking the question, @tankt2016


yes, I see that very often also! Thank You, @codingCupcake123!

:grinning: I love doing that too!


exactly. Thanks @Anonymous