Rules (Cnstructing in progress..)


Small kids

There are small kids such as 6 year olds not saying they aren't allowed but they shouldn't be watching flame wars with bad and aggressive words in it :D

Begging for likes

I guess telling people about your projects are okay but don't beg for likes ! Hopscotch is for fun not for likes :P


Report when it's necessary!
However, do not report or flag just because you don't like that person. ;D


It doesn't matter if you are famous and you have a lot of likes it doesn't matter if you get features or trending it doesn't matter how much likes you get!
what matters the most is that people enjoy your projects your posts and you enjoy it too!


Don't take credit for the thing you didn't do!
Give the person you got your project/ idea/topic


They cause flame wars sometimes it's upsetting when things like that happen! I think rants can be

flame wars

Guys flame wars are like sad I think everyone should be friends with each other !

Causes of Flame Wars

  1. Disageeement
  2. hater.s
  3. Off-topic
  4. Difference in opinion

Resolving these and what others said

1) report when see flame war
2) have leaders
3)Make it so that THT or someone that's a leader or a moderator is on at least 8/7days

Rants: we need rants to discuss spinions but not to discuss about people behind their back I've seen several examples!
Blocked Words: Some Words shouldn't be block some words should be !
For example Stupi.d shouldn't be blocked

Conclusion that people say

We need the leaders back

Hope u read this topic and thought about what you do and what you can improve and how to help the community a bit more


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@Milkypup lol
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If you want likes just tell me I like everything I see


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I think rants are fine if they aren't about flamewars or something like that, since those kinds of rants end up creating flamwars.

Completely banning rants would also make me even more dishonest in the forum, unless you think respect comes before honesty.


@t1_hopscotch I typed till here what else should I add
@Ihasfluffycupcakes can I include your opinion in my text (I have the same opinion!)


Hi @FCD! :smiley: ooh for resolving, the last heading, hmm I was thinking about listening but don't know how to put it... I guess some other things people might suggest are 'feel free to take a break to calm down whenever you need' :blush:


Yes and ppl has been pointing out about making the same topics again



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