Rules and Guidelines


Okay so I'm really sorry but I gotta make a new topic for this. Too many people are editing the other one right now

When editing the Official Tag List topic, do not change the title. Many people have been changing the title and adding things they see best fit for the title, but please stop doing that.
If, and only if, you see the title is something other than "Official" Mass Tag List, then please change it to the original name.
I cannot do this because I'm not a regular, and even though it is my own topic, I cannot edit the title.


I agree!

This should stop


I kinda fixed the OMTL problem. But, yes, this should stop.


I agree! A person who edited this said me "I'm not she so d i e". :confused:
Anyways, great speech @PopTart0219!


Yes, I agree. But, it´s fixed now!


check it again. It's supposed to say


I didn´t edited the title, but it is back now!


I think everything is fixed now.
I replaced the list with the most recent one and changed the name.
That was the 300:th edit


If any thing happens again to that title , we will change it back for you ! Do not worry !