Rules and Contest To Get In To My New Account



Well, I decided to make a special account, that would code feature worthy projects. I need expert coders who each specialize in diffrent things. If you want to join, write a paragraph or more about you in hopscotch. Include stuff about what you code best, if you have ever been on featured, rising, or trending, what your favorite project is, and more. Also, this is the hard part. You have to code a project that shows what you're good at. It should contain:

  • Sophisticated Code

  • Good Visual Presentation

  • What You're Good At

  • Reduced Lag

  • Feature Worthy Content

Good Luck! I will release the password, username, and rules once the ten members have been chosen. You have until September 8 to complete this challenge. Place the link and essay in this topic.


I can code good projects! Lag-free too!


Dunno if my CoSine Pad would count…


Yes, it would count. Just write and post the link.


Oh wow thanks! Edited above^!


People who might want\I want to be in account:
I know some of you dont like collabs or are busy, I hope you will still consider this. I myself am not a coder most of you regard highly, but this collab will make the best of the best projects, and I looked through a lot of coders, but your projects stood out to me. Please reply saying no if you dont want to, but if you do, please write the essey and give the project link.


I just realized I'm supposed to reply either way I'm sorry XD

I usually don't do collabs, and if I do, I only try to do one or two at a time. Thanks for asking, though.

replying to oldish things because...why not