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Yeah, I know everyone is doing this but I wanted to do it too! So you can ask me questions, tell me something, or just talk to meh! Sooooo yeah! x3 I might post drawings, cool projects, and maybe happy memes :D



Nice gif! X3 I jump around like that when I have to talk... XD


Thanks! GIFer-in-training here.

I've looked up to you for a long time, soo...

1) How did you find Hopscotch, and what got you really invested in it?

2) Tip you have for new Hopscotchers?


:D I've looked up to you too
1. So I had to get the app for school last year and I thought it was boring then I saw my friendz playing it and like was like that's actually awesome! So I was playing it and now I'm still on luving it!
2. Just use your imagination and make anything you like (even if it is weird) XD yeah.
I guess I explained it ok.... (^∇^)






you're confusing me

why no what

why did you look up to me

shiv is confused D:




You've made me happy today! X3


When it's the perfect time and I go on the forum no one really talks.... XD


Is there anything that I should code??? Or draw?? Or do?? (I'm kinda bored and out of ideas)


Dis is a lonely topic with only 2 people who have replied..... :0...... x3


Hey, Nutella eating squirrel! Or @RubyWolf1. I will draw pictures for you


I can give you a free request? You request, i draw!!

Hooman or no:

Any1 can request!!


Me all the time :0


Hey guys you know me kvj


XD hi, I am a Nutella eating squirrel! (Yea I'm like that irl x3)



Sorry it took so long to reply I had to go somewhere


Look at my new bio X3 You gave me a strange idea @HappyPerson, thanks!


Hullo? No one has been on da forum (well, said anything) in two hours.... I'm bored ._____________________________________________. Weird derpy face