RubyStars' General Topik come here is bored!



Hi! :D
This is my general topic, where I can post random things.

Also, why not?

This was inspired by all of the random topics. :D
So... yeah XD
Feel free to give feedback! :D


Gices pretend like :hearts:


Thanks XD

Random Thing #1
I'm attempting to recreate this in HS.

This is what I have so far.

Any much needed tips? :D


Summons expert PM Malty @Maltese


Tips from an excellent tip giver- no tips at all XD



That looks amazing!

I have none :0

It's perfect!


Really? XD
Thanks. c:
You too, @smishsmash


Your welcome! :D


Maybe lower the letters and donut to be more reminiscent of the original?
I have no other criticism, so
's awesomeness! :D


What are you making next?


Thanks! :D
Is this okay, or should I move them down more?

I have no idea XD
Do you have any suggestions?


Noipe, that's poifect!


K. :D
Should I made the steam, or no?


You should!


NOH! NOH! Don't use emojis :0
Emojis are the worst things ever invented :disappointed_relieved:


Lol ok
Should I use trail art instead for the donut?


Yep :s


Okay then XD


Becuase why would I not bother?