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Hey, I'm back with more challenges!
So, every week I will post a new coding challenge! They will just be completely random.
It's not a competition but I will post my favourite(s) here! :D
If you can please post the link to your project and name it #(insert challenge name here)
So have fun! I will post every week.

Edit yourself in if you want to be notified when a new challenge comes out.

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This weeks challenge

You have to make a tea/coffee game/trail art/pixel art
This is the #Teaandcoffee challenge!

Tell me if you have any questions or challenge ideas.

only change the tag list not the challenge

~ @RubyWolf1


This is cool ruby!!!!!!


Define an "Epearky project" please.


Thanks Paigey!

What do you mean? @Petrichor


What's an "early project "?


Just a project that you published a while ago


That's a cool idea I have done that before, I can't believe I used to be so horrible at coding.


I am done! I did not even use set invisibility blocks then!


Thanks! That's really cool and addicting :D


Has anyone else done the challenge
3 days left


If anyone has a project, post it now.
I'll do the new challenge tomorrow

Challenge tags

@Sophia71205 @Paige1212 @Puppylulu @Petrichor

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Sorry ;0;

How To Be Removed From FTML?

I put myself in the challenge list.:grin: Does the rain have to be falling?


No, the rain doesn't have to fall. You can do whatever you want!


Ok, I will start on it!


Finished mine!


That's so cool! Thanks for doing the challenges :3


I cannot think of anything else to code, so I do them.


There's a new challenge!
@sophia71205 @Paige1212 @Puppylulu @Petrichor @KiraForPrez