Rubik's cube guide?


Not sure if this is a thing… I was thinking of making a rubik’s cube solving guide. idk if i should. What do you think?

no copy idea pls


@memorablechickenyay I think that is a great idea! Make it 3D!


i was thinking maybe pictures bc im rlly bad at variables and 3d xd


@memorablechickenyay Well, today is your lucky day! That is exactly what I AM good at.


ok. i might make a draft with pics and see if i like it. if no, ill contact you. :stuck_out_tongue:


youre memorablechicken right? the @MemorableChicken


u the chatter, i remember you

u and @KVJ always chatting

i remember when i disguised myself as “memorable chicken fan” lmao it was so funny


xd yeah rip my reputation


AYY I am being a rubix cube for Halloween


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Why did you change usernames?


This is a really good idea! If you don’t want to do 3D, you could just display one side of the cube at a time using values and 2D, which maybe would be a little challenge, but not too hard. Using pictures are also a good idea.


haha, i may or may not have forgotten my old password… rip


might end up just doing plain 2d


It’s going to be awesome I think.


nah. it’s text based.
also rip notifications