RPS ARE COOL, right?!


Guys don't u think r cool!? I like them so much! Hopscotch is the best app ever cuz rps are the best ever!! :grinning::smile::sweat_smile:


yes i do think it is great!!!!!!!!!!


I don't really rp. There is no real code involved in them.
I get you use your imagination, but it is better to focus on coding, especially on Hopscotch, which is for coding.

But whatever. To each his own.


Hopscotch is a great app, but I don't think it was specifically made for RPs. :smiley:


Actually I disagree. RPs are only good if you put a lot of code into them. The bad ones are with pretty much no code. Hopscotch is for coding not RPs.
RPs are not recommended.


RPs aren't really encouraged in Hopscotch unless they have code. But if you like them..that's your opinion.


Rp's aren't actually supported on hopscotch
They aren't code, that's what hopscotch is for!

But I like how they are creative. It helps to use your imagination.

But I would rather code, your opinion though


Look we use code! Duh


yezzz arr ps arrrr de bast thang evaaaaaaaaa


Well some code.
But it's not like coding a game or art pad.
It's just a little code, which is fine, but I wouldn't call it coding.

But it's your opinion! :)


That takes minimal effort, though. Coding should be trying your best to make something cool, not just with typing.


I agree with you @CreativeCoder


I changed the title because it was bothering me. :stuck_out_tongue:


nuuuu dat orig. titul wazzzz bast spellzinghhggh


I can barely even understand you. :joy:


i change my mind. not to be rude but not so cool


I agree wth @SmileyAlyssa and @smishsmash and @CreativeCoder. Rips are allowed on hopscotch, but Hopscotch was really meant for coding. And while you may think "Oh yeah, @ASDrawer, well art isn't code either", well I do code. AND art pads are coding. I mean, you are allowed to have your own opinion, but a lot of Hopscotchers, including myself, are upset, not only because RP's are not code, they do take up a lot of space in the newest categories. I do however, admire that you have found something to do. Congrats on that. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect yours.


XD i make many jokes like that.


Yeah! They're really fun!

I'm glad you like Hopscotch! Keep on loving it!


RPs aren't really code, and Hopscotch was made for coding. I don't think RPs are cool, but if you think they are, then fine, it's your choice.