RPG Storyline Contest


So, I haven't been very productive lately. (In coding)

So I need something, an idea, that I can use. An idea that is so fabulous, I will be telling myself, YOU NEED TO GET THIS DONE. Just. I need a really good idea. It doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to be small. It doesn't have to be detailed. It doesn't have to be plain. Just something awesome.

Because I've run out.

And every time I get one I feel like meh.

So, I need an idea from you guys.

Because whenever I get ideas from other people I feel like I have to get it done.

(But it has to be a moderately detailed description)


I am having an RPG storyline contest instead lol

Just write (or grab) a story that you would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be turned into an RPG.

The 1 rule, it has to be made by YOU. Don't steal other people's work. If you want to use another person's story you must ask them. I don't reccomend using someone else's story though.

I will give credit :slight_smile:


Ok, how about you help me and my crew make the best game in the world!


Bubble blowing? (game/trail art)
Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows? (Trail art)
Cupcakes? (trail art or game)
Garyquest? (Brodyquest but with Gary) (sort-of animation with trail art and maybe music)


I will get a link.


I would prefer something I can do alone.


Ok? I am no help there...


How about...


I need a storyline. That's what I need.

Ok, so I need an idea for an RPG


A new king has been installed in Graintopia, a king that many thought would change the public's opinion on cereal. But he only strengthened their opinion, the evil king that he is.
You, another cereal grain, have to overthrow the king, which in turn, changes the public's opinion on cereal to a better view. You have to trade, fight, and solve puzzles to even get close to the king.
In the end, you have to defeat the king, and then, roll credits!


Even better: the cereal is called 'MalTrix' :000

jk XD