RPG collaboration project



hello people's, I plan on making an rpg, and it won't take as long as the scratch one because I don't have to do character design, but I still need help, I'm hoping to get 5 people to help, here are some requirements:
1: you can make a scrolling website
2: you have at least 10 original projects, I want to see some examples of YOUR coding ability
3: you have to not be a hacker
4: I need an e-mail from you NON PERSONAL! I don't want your info! if you don't have a non-personal e-mail, sorry but I can't make exceptions, i won't post the user or pass on a forum
5: this one is optional, but I need a title to call the project (and the collab project)
that's it, doesn't seem too restrictive to me, if you're in say so in the poll, then comment your non-personal e-mail, username, and hopefully a title for the project below

-I'm in

-sorry, but I can't

  • "I'm in"
  • "sorry but I can't"



I think that the best way to make a collab is without restrictions! you may get more peple that way


well, to make the project it's self you have to be able to make something that can scroll, I need to know that you won't hack the account like what happened to phase company recently, and I want to e-mail the user and pass, that way it doesn't get posted on the forum, and I end up getting hacked, 2/3 of it is just protection for the project it's self


well can't you use it without a collab account? yes people can see it before its done but what if you put a big text sqaure in front of the project?


that'll require re-post on top of re-post, and with time zone differences that wouldn't be very efficient, as the people helping wouldn't be able to se the latest version


It's really weird, I am making an RPG as well! called The Isle of Magic! and it uses X and Y scrolling too! what is yours going to be like? @justanerd


each version will have a short intro and a dungeon, so each 1 will be like a single legend of Zelda dungeon, so it doesn't take 20 years to load all of the dungeons at once


whoever said they're in pls leave thier e-mail so I can give them the collab account user & pass


that's a personal e-mail, but I can't stop people from sending them, I'll e-mail you the user/pass after I check out your projects to see if you meat the requirements (I'm 99.9999% sure, but I said I will check, so I will)


meat...:poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::hamburger:🌭stup id homonyms


I sent the e-mail to you


somebody else said yes, again I need your email


Hi @justanerd I'm glad you're aware of personal info and not sharing personal emails but I think maybe we should just keep it to not sharing any emails in general even if they aren't specifically personal. You can communicate via the forum just fine :smiley:


not when I'm giving out the pass to a collab project...


@GiraffeProductions @AHappyCoder this is the current status on the project
(@AHappyCoder I mentioned you because you commented) also the other person who voted yes I you to e-mail me at
justsomenerds42@g m a i l . c o m (w/out spaces)so you don't have to publish your e-mail in the forum πŸ™„


Will this be like legend of Zelda on the nes?

I watched the game DONT STARVE
If you were to make a game like that I'd be interested in helping.
A survival game.