RPG collab (open)



Hey guys I was wondering if any of you would want to do a collab if so get you leave a suggestion on what it would be! Thanks


I can't collab now, but if I have time I might

Maybe you could make a cool RPG game with your collab partner. Those are always cool. :


Oh yea those are really fun! And they do take some times so it would be helpful to have a collab team


You may want to wait until morning because a lot of the forum is asleep :sweat_smile:

It's 12:05 pm in central time zone here btw

EDIT: Going to bed now :P


Oh! I guess I will wait then thanks for your help :slightly_smiling: goodnight!


Can't like ;-; take this :heart:


G'night @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf

I might make a forum tutorial soon! Lol nvm I'm thinking of the other topic. One minute...

An RPG game would be cool. It'd be even cooler if you used Hopscotchers (with permission of course) as characters! I'm too busy to collab right now, but I think you could make an awesome collab with that @Starrycat.


I can join!


oh thanks that would be great!


Yea that would be awesome! Can I use you as one of the characters?


I've decided to do a RPG collab :smiley:


So is that a no?


I can join too I'm very free


Oh I meant to reply but it just said "oh thanks that would be great!" To reply to you but sure you can help!! What's your hopscotch account?


Thanks! I would love to have you join


Sure! I didn't see this until now lol


I'll join!


I can help!!!!! :slightly_smiling:


Wow, we posted nearly the same time...


Stick88 (hopscotch and forums)