Rotation Frustration - stop unwanted screen rotation


I made this landscape style platformer game:

The game plays ok on my phone but the problem is when i publish the game it will rotate so the whole game is off, everything is sideways, (vertical instead of horizontal), basically unplayable. I’ve made many games like this already, i didn’t really think about it, i guess it just felt easy to design the horizontal game vertically (side ways) because then everything will stay ‘true to scale’. If i didn’t design it sideways, then i would of had to have made everything smaller then it’s actually scale, that was confusing for me, but it seems like this is what other people are doing. Still it would be -really great- if there was just a way to ‘lock the screen’ a ‘screen lock’ to prevent unwanted screen rotation for a horizontal style game. Then people could design it both ways, and i won’t have to throw out all those games i made. I find my way to be easier. But I hope hopscotch people can hear my request for a ‘screen lock’ or ‘rotation lock’ option.


I don’t really get what you mean. Are you talking about how Hopscotch is only vertical on iPhones instead of being able to be turned horizontal?


If you rotate the phone the whole game will actually rotate. Usually this is good. But i created my whole game to be horizontal. I flipped all the images horizontally before i loaded them in. The game plays well on my phone, but when i publish it to the hopscotch ‘online area’ or whatever they call it, the game will rotate automatically so everything is sideways and not playable.


Try just remixing a vertical project. You’ll code it with black bars on the the top Andy bottom, but when it’s in the community, it will work perfectly fine.


I feel like to do that i would basically have to re-create the entire game. I have to flip like 50 horizontal images back to vertical images. And i would have to change all the x coordinate code to y coordinate code and vice versa. and i would have to shrink everything. I don’t understand the ‘just’ part


Just lock rotation in control center when you play it


Or go into the Jason file of the project and change its width and height. Probably rotation is near that too.


I’m not sure that you can change the rotation in the JSON file, sadly.


But maybe you can prevent it by modifying the dimensions…


lock rotation


Lol, spellcheck’s funny!


You can flip width and height, but make sure objects aren’t on those spaces you cut off


lol is “Jason” ok with all of this? I’ve not herd of this JSON file, but i am new to this application. i did try locking the rotation on my phone and that worked! It would be cool if the app locked rotation automatically so everyone else who plays it doesn’t have to lock rotation in their settings just to play…


Yeah, I agree with that. The JSON files are basically the metadata, the basics, of a Hopscotch project. It is a file formatted in a special way that enables Hopscotch to play it back to the user. These files can be accessed and transferred + changed via a computer. You can also read the file directly from Hopscotch’s server.

Worth to note is that JSON is a widely used file format and that it is not invented by THT. In fact, it is the base for lots of applications worldwide.