Rotating Shape Art


How to make rotating Shape Art

Shape art/text art is the kind of graphics where several objects, offset from each other, make up an image. For examples, look at the characters in these projects:

Or the cannon in this project:

Sometimes, you might want to rotate these images. Here’s one way to do that.

We will need 3 variables for this:
And the X and Y position of an object that the image will be centered at.

For each part of the image, we’ll specify an X and Y offset from the center.
Then, we’ll place a Repeat forever block with a Set position block inside.
Put the following math blocks in the Set Position block:
(the images show adding the code step by step)

Preferably, put this inside an ability (just the Set Position block) so that you can use it in several objects without copying it.

Then, you just have to make the shape art and you’ll be able to rotate it. This will also work with, for example, trail art.

@Petrichor, @Hopscotcher you were looking for something like this.


Great and useful tutorial, well written! :clap:


This is a good tutorial!


Good tutorial. I haven’t run it myself, but it’s is surprisingly easy to follow. You’d think that something of this nature would be confusing to follow, but you did a great job


Thanks @Awesome_E @MewtwoCreator @William04GamerA!