🚨 WARNING: 🚨 Your charger may give a VERY painful shock!

Recently, there have been an uprise of fake/counterfeit chargers, and charger adapters. Please use this website to check if your charger is fake.

The fake chargers can give VERY painful shocks. I highly suggest that after looking at this website, and you think your charger is fake, TAKE IT TO AN OFFICIAL APPLE STORE OR CALL APPLE.

Please do not flag this topic for being off topic. It is related to tech. I am also doing this for your own safety.

99% of the fake chargers can give a painful shock, so please try your best to contact Apple if yours is fake.

Have a good day!


I've seen this before!!! Literally, on a company under Apple's name, there were pictures of explosive chargers.
First reply!


Cool, but is this related? By the way, are Apple chargers fake?


Thanks for the warning! Soon I'm going to check with my parents to see if my chargers are fake.




Okay. I don't get shocks, but whatever

If anyone is wondering if it's related

the hopscotch rules can't cost your life

e: oops! my post was late


@Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya

I suggest you guys pin this! This is a major issue going around.

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Fatal. It won't kill somebody.

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It has been very painful to some people.

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Oh. Can u change the tital?

did you make that mistake because your recently said "fatal" XD

I fixed it.

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Thx dude!

Wow. All I have to say is wow. I am never charging my iPad again!

Did you compare yours to the website?

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Not yet.

You should before you jump to conclusions

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Okay, I am sorry.

I don't have an apple charger, but it's gold so I'm fine?

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