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This is my topic where you can
ask questions, give shoutouts, chat, and have FUN!!! c: c: c:
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You've made a general topic yeyey


I has question
Do you listen to music 0utside of what's normally on the radio? If you do what do you listen to? And what's the best coding musics.


Da sky! c: c: c: c: c:


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No, I don't listen to music that's outside of what's normally on the radio but I listen to Sabrina Carpenter!!! c: c: c:
The best coding music is Sabrina Carpenter radio!!! c: c: c:
Thx for ya questions!!! c: c: c:


What would u add to HS if u were THT
Also why do u like HS


Hai potato fren @MobCraft! c:
Sorry for da late reply! c:

If I was THT I would add a music tab at the bottom of your screen so you can listen to music while you are coding! c: Maybe I would put in classical, pop, and jazz! c:

I like HS because you can be creative and make new friends! c:

Thx for ya questions! c:


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I'm gr8! c:
How are ya? c:


I'm gud and very tired ;-;


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Hallo @Candycane how's life :DD