RoseCat’s Art Club!



Hi Hopscotch Forumers!
I was thinking about my GT a lot!
How about an Art Club!
There will be a weekly challenge with a winner every time.
If you want to join please reply! :smiley:


I’d like to join! I would have fun with this…


That’s great!
I can’t wait to start!


I can always help out with stuff if you need help, btw


Ur amazing


I’d like to join


Sure thing!
That would be awesome!


Just to let everyone know.
I’m accepting 10 people I to my Art Club.
So, eight more people joining!
Anyone and everyone is allowed to join!


I would like to join, but I will be pretty inactive for the next 2 weeks.


Hi @RoseCat! Could I join?


@RoseCat, could I join?


Yes yes yes!
This is gonna be great!


Five more members allowed!


The first challenge will be out tomorrow. I don’t need 10 people, 10 is the max.
So if you want to sign up, do it soon!
But if I don’t get 10 today, I’ll probably let latecomers sign up tomorrow.


@RoseCat, I may not be able to do some challenges and is it fine if I skip some?


Yeah. As long as you notify me on the challenges you can’t do.
Thanks for telling me.


I’ll do a special, skip thing. Once you skip a certain amount of challenges, you lose a point. You’ll understand once I explain on the forum tomorrow.


Anything I can do to help out?


Not right now.
But maybe in the future.


Ideas for the first challenge are welcome