Roleplaying on Hopscotch



While scrolling through my following I found lots of chats on draw pads or just projects desginated for roleplay. I wanted to share this with everyone. I've found that many people RP and when they do it takes lots of time because you always have to check if someone responded. And it takes up your space because with each projects your oldest one become lost FOREVER. @Follow4LikesOfficial @SmileyAlyssa @Liza Is RP allowed on Hopscotch? I know that lots of people like it but it get a little annoying. I know that this kind of realates to Your opinoin on chatting (Which was closed becuase the problem was solved). But I would just really like to know the anwser to my question.


Reviving this important topic


Well, some people only do RPs. Everyone should at least code one project.


Honestly, I also think RP is annoying. But technically, it's allowed because

  • There's no way to take it out
  • They're not inappropriate
  • They don't break the community guidelines

But I completely agree with you, and it fills your projects with spam. :wink:


It is allowed, people can do it if hey want. I would not recommend it however. Hopscotch is for coding!


I think people should be able to code WHATEVER THEY WANT even if it is just an RP


There is soooo many accounts like that I call them GHOST ACCOUNTS


Yeah, and (even worse) some people (mostly MemorableChicken) only do chat rooms! At least he made a Polygon Maker.


@Niftynia75 I agree completely but there are multiple topics about this already!


Oh ok that's fine 202020


I was just about to make a topic about this! Whenever I look in the newest tab All I see is chat rooms and rps. NOBODY CODES ANYMORE


I just look in trending now :sweat_smile:...


Are you on trending?? All the people who are on trending, featured, etc. mostly are on forum so I'm like GOOD JOB ORANGE SCENT AND THEY SEE IT on hopscotch it's like don't see it at all, not try to be mean!


Chat rooms and rp's I don't think should be allowed because they aren't code, it's just text. Even if you make a smooth background that's not very advanced(it doesn't have to be advanced for it to be an awesome project) but it's basically just texts and yes they get in my nerves quite a bit, but the thing is, it's hard to stop people from making them :wink: (this is just my opinion)


Nope I never got on threading :sweat_smile:


It is also really crowding up trending. People go to trending so they can see what the cool new games, competitions, and art. Or other stuff in general to see what is big in the community at the moment. Trending is how many likes and remixes you get in about the first hour. Since roll plays are remixed a lot, they are on trending a lot. I would love to see more code in that tab, but there isn't to much right now/


I think RPs are bad same with chat rooms because their is no code involve with them at all. Here I made a whole topic about it


I proposed an idea for a chat room on hopscotch but we have the fourms!


The Hopscotch team is not against role play, however, they don't reccomend it.


I already have a topic for this I asked it to be closed, though. There are already many topic about the caution you need to take! 🤗