Roleplaying in hopscotch



So, I've been hearing a lot about how roleplays are clogging up HS. But I never see any roleplays on HS clogging up. The only thing I really see clogging up is drawings (that's a different discussion for a different day). I know that people are annoyed by roleplays on their projects but I still think it's fine if they make their own project for it. Then others are saying that roleplays don't have any code. But drawings don't either! You only code the drawing pad once, then you draw on it while remixing off your projects. Some drawings don't even code because they remix off different projects. I don't wanna start any wars. I just want to talk about roleplays.


I look at newest and "Even After High RP" 1 Second ago :joy:


True, but it's not like roleplay spam.ming each project


Yes! True!


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My problem is that role play has NOTHING to do with hopscotch.