Role Plays on Hopscotch?



Should hopscotch keep or allow role plays on the app? It takes up space and they also use false tags/channels.

  • Yes
  • Sure
  • No


As always, thank you guys for your great opinions!


In my opinion, role plays are okay.

They express creativity, but should have some more code in them considering this is a coding app.

There are still lots of other projects besides role plays, too.

And, no matter what people say or think, tons of people will continue doing role plays; it's what they like to do.


Please use Poptart's list. I am getting a little upset, because when people use Rawrbear's list, my name is on it. I took my name off the old list.


There are many topics like this, SBYP!

I don't think they should be allowed. They are pointless. (No offense).


They are allowed. @Liza said that they are allowed as long as they have some code!

But I'd prefer fewer RPs… but I can live with them being there!


I don't mean to sound... Well, mean, but,
They are not pointless. As long as they have some code they are great! They express creativity, and anyway, you can't just stop them!
I am trying to stay nice! That's my opinion, but yours is fine too.


There are tons of topics about this already! Please SBYP!

But in my opinion, I think they express creativity, but they need code. What's the point of using a coding all of your not going to code? After all, it is not social media.

Hey, they should make an app where you can just role play, lol.


I made a topic like this


You're right, they do serve has a self expression way I guess! I'm sorry if I offended you, but, RPS have been overtaking the newest tab. I never see code anymore! I don't really like that...


It's ok. I made an RP so I was just a teensy bit offended, but it's not your fault! In my RP I gave it scrolling, so I think that's ok!


Role plays are not reccomended, but they are allowed. I like them because they express creativity, and that is what hopscotch is for. I don't do role plays, just because I am more of a code person. :smile:


Scrolling RPs and ones with actual code, I like. But others, don't use code. I'm REALLY sorry if I offended you. I know you're a great coder, even tho you do RPs!


Thank you sooooo much! That's really nice :D it's ok, you didn't offend me too much!


Also you should also think about if they annoy other uninvolved people or not.


I say roleplays are fine if you

A. Don't include inappropriate content/bad words

B. Stop clogging up the help/art page (that makes me sad :slight_frown:)

C. Keep coding too

D. Watch my little pony! :3



Don't bad words count as inappropriate? :wink: