Role play Problem


So, reading this, you're probably like, oh no. Another complaint project!! Well, sorry, no this is just a warning...

Stop Roleplaying!!!!!

I used to roleplay, then realized the problem. It spams and clogs up everything!!! I stopped doing all things relating to that, because it's not right. Even though I'm older now and don't do this, here's my opinion: It's more fun to dress up with your friends and use facial expressions and play with peeps you actually know... In trending, all I seem to see is smooth backgrounds (which I can do,) with white words on it. Sometimes they get 50 likes!!!! That's just plain wrong. One person I know is doing this is one of my friends (not saying name) and she publishes Roleplays every 1-5 minutes!!!!! C'mom, hopscotch isn't for RPs.


what do you mean by Roleplay?


i tried doing it once because i like acting and it was sooo boring and it was not fun at all! i unpublished it


Umm.. Search up Splatoon RP on Hopscotch. That's probably the most recent one I see everywhere.


Role playing is playing a game but you use words instead. Everyone has a unique character and acts out a story according to the story line


Exactly what I did. Besides, somehow people end up giving out personal info which is a BIG



I think that it would be fine, if they unpublished every time that they made a new peice if the story. Unpublish the old ones that nobody cares to look at once everyone else has read what you wrote. Role play on Hopscotch seems very confusing and boring though.


I do roleplays, but not the type that are just a bunch of meaningless words and events that don't make sense. Have you seen my Phoniex Roleplay? 2 long paragraphs of smooth, almost flawless writing. The writers have to actually be good, like @Clover_Studios.


In my opinion, I think of that as a story.. Which is good because weren't u just taking characters and combing them into a novel sorta thing?


At least they coded something in it!! I like chatting with MC, SCS and IHFC. Who cares about the role play, people like it!

  • RP'S are fine!
  • I hate them!



I was never chatting with MC and SCS....


Oops!! I pressed wrong thing on accident! I meant to press middle, but accidentally did last one!!! I so so so sorry! I didn't mean it!


U can change ur vote! Just click on the right one!


No, I was chatting with you separately


Could I role play? My projects are stuck in a filter,so am I fine?


What do u mean stuck in a filter?


Look at mah topic



So do you think I could RP? It is the only thing I can now do on Hopscotch,no one would see my art if I posted any
(Which I did)


Maybe you could code!!!!


Aww. Thanks!:blush::blush: