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The curators of Hopscotch (SmileyAlyssa and Madi) are still able to find good projects and feature them, even if they aren’t nominated.


I think people explained it well
If not ask the hopscotch curators


Happy birthday! How old are you now, if you want to say that?


Like others said, yes. What they might have missed is the key point that the Featured process is manual, unlike Trending. That is why we have the @hopscotch-curators. They can basically feature projects with the tap of a button.


I just saw my project got featured! Check it:


That explains it! SmileyAlissa gave a like to my project, and madi made survivio (one of my featured projects) featured


I’m 13! I’m old now!


Got a quick question! I got out of my own topic!


Haha, me too! I’m turning 15 on January 14.


You’re so lucky you have chinchillassssss
lol I wanted one for Christmas but 1) my mom wouldn’t let me add a chinchilla to my list to Santa and 2) apparently Santa doesn’t bring people pets


My chinchillas are lanigueras! It’s like the grey ones




Yeah! I have them because my aunt is an specialist on rare animals as chinchillas! And she gave me a mother chinchilla and his daughter! I’m going to post a photo


The other one is a bit shy so I just took a photo to the mother @tankt2016


Awww, she’s so cute!!


THX! I love her and her daughter; their names are veggie and chinchilla. com


@Hopscotcher I tried improving the code but i do not understand it! I think I can remake it but it’ll take like a week or something, is that ok?

I suppose yes because you liked the comment



  1. Improving what code?
  2. How do you not understand your own code?
    3.Why will it take you a week?
    4.Is it ok for what?


The chess game code, to make the pawns move properly


oh I see. It took me months.