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Today’s my birthday guys!!! My family took advantage to eat the rosca de Reyes! We eat it to celebrate the “three wise men” day! We ate the rosca de Reyes like if it was my cake! It is a Mexican tradition


Happy birthday! Lol I just checked the birthdays and you were the only one so I came.


THX! I’m so glad you noticed because any of my friends could came to my house, they’re all on vacations


I also noticed you changed your profile picture!


Yeah! I was like: “I think images are too boring” so I changed it to a gif!




Yeah LOL!
Another reason is that I saw someone’s profile pic and it was a gif




You made a Hopscotch quiz! I wonder how well I do.


I got 4 out of 4! Yes! But Mr. Mustache actually used to date Cupcake.


Well yeah but I think “date” was blocked by the filter


So I replaced the word “date” with “partner”


The quiz was a very old draft, I made a topic about it! It’s called “projects are stuck on the filter”


I got a question: how do projects get featured?
I heard there are people who like the projects as -madi- which makes them “famous”


The Nominations For Featured 2 topic


I already went there! But it didn’t explain that stuff very well :thinking:, so could you explain to me? @MewtwoCreator


Actually I nominated a project there


Someone or yourself goes to that topic and ‘nominates’ a project for featured using a link to the project. Afterwards, @hopscotch-curators goes through the posts and features the projects they deem ‘worthy’ for featured.


Yeah I know! But how does it happens without nominating it? @AwesomeNachos


Lol everyone’s profile pic was a gif in 2016