Rodrik834’s general topic! (Lots of topicness on this topic)



It’s okay. I don’t think a lot of people realize at first. T1 left like a year ago.


I’ve been here over two years. I was just saying your birthday is only 3 days.


Oh, yeah! I’m so exited, but I thought that you had 3 days on the forum and I was like whaat?


I was trying to stop BlastFusion (a really famous old Hopscotcher) from leaving three days after I joined.


Do you think I know at least 1 of his projects? Or I’m too new?


Because I joined on December 2016, but I didn’t used it until April 2017


Do you have Padlet? We could make a chat


Hm, I’m not sure. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one. He made Lava Tiles, Lava Ninja, Dino Run, and Minecraft Parkour. The last one on that list is on Game Changers.

No, I don’t have Padlet.


Oh! I know Minecraft parkour! It’s awesome!


Well wait a little bit, I’m going to fix something on my game


Okay, I’ll probably have to go in about 20 minutes.


Hey y’all, I’m trying to find a game related to the theme of the new year to add to my New Years project. Any ideas?

(Also, sorry for super horrible grammar. I’m on a mobile device.)




Yeah, me neither. That’s why I’m asking.


When is your birthday? Mine is on January 14, and as you said that you had an upcoming birthday soon, I was just wondering.


Mines on January 4th


That’s pretty close then. Happy early birthday!


Happy early birthday to both of you, @Rodrik834 and @William04GamerA!!


@the_dancer thx so much!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: