Rodrik834’s general topic! (Lots of topicness on this topic)



Just did this for fun, i thought gt’s are a great place to ask questions or just hang out and chill, also I thought I would be a great idea because my birthday is soon, so, feel free to post anything, but inappropriate content would be flagged!

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@sophia71205 welcome to my gt!


SECOND, but first like!

My oldness is showing.

This will be a great place to ask for constructive criticism on your projects.


I got a question Sophia, how old are you? I’m 12, I’m turning 13


Yeah, I know, and I won’t miss the opportunity!


I’m 13 (and a half).

What do the numbers in your username stand for?


Other question, should I tag omtl?


Just the numbers that first came to my mind, I use them on any game I play!


No, definitely no. Some people get edgy about that. POMTL is great for tagging if you have a really great new project and just want to get feed back. Maybe create your own tag list for other things.


Ok, so I can create the urtl? (Means unofficial rodrik’s tag list)


Interesante. Mis números son mi cumpleaños (12 de julio)


Oh, bueno, yo estaba creándome la cuenta de geometry dash, estaba con mi mamá, ya que iba a usar su email, luego me pregunto, no le vas a poner un numero al final? Y luego se me vino el número 834 a la cabeza


Y yo cumplo el 4 de enero


Yes. Just tag/ask some people of they want to be in your tag list and keep them all in a

Folder like this


Then whenever someone joins, edit that post or update it using a new post of the old one gets too old. Bookmark it though to keep track of it when you need it


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


But I mean, can I create something like; @urtl ?


No, only moderators can do that and they usually don’t make them. T1 did while she was an intern though, so that’s where the existing ones come from.


Oh, I didn’t know that because I joined the forums like 2 weeks ago


Solamente tres días.


Entonces como sabes tanto sobre los forums?