RocketSquare V2 Feed Back -Plz Look at this Plz-


Ok so I made a game called RocketSquare and made a topic about it well I improved it a lot thanks everyone for the awesome Feed Back and this isn't just a Feed Back topic it's a topic to thank all of you and happy thanksgiving

  • Epic
  • I don't like it
  • Eh
  • Meh
  • Unpublish this
  • It's ok
  • Plz make it better





Woah that is amzing!!!! @BaconStudios
Both are amazing


Thank you so much!!!!!!


I really like the trail coming off the square! I think you just have to fix some things (it lags a bit for me) and then it would definitely be feature worthy!


Ya I know I didn't know how to fix it .... I think it was the levels and the speed changing but idk I just click the restart button xD fixed xD


Ur welcome!!


I'm going to make a v3 and fix all bugs