RocketSquare Feed Back


I was to know if this game was worth the time I put into it

  • Good
  • Needs a v2
  • Bad
  • Can't get featured





On the poll plz be honest


The game has 10 levels and each level the speed increases if I do a v2 I have was to make it hard stay tuned


Wow that is so amazing!! i rly like it!! the animations are really cool and i like how there are more and more obstacles (and it gets faster) as you get farther in the game so it gets harder :smiley: I wish i could make games like this one!!


For me, three bees only appear, and only once?
Also, I think you should make it quicker since the game is really easy!
The player's character looks nice, but the rest is kinda bland! I think you should add something to it, like clouds or animated grass!


Idk try restarting the game and the speed changes xD just don't die


yeah i agree the orange background does look a little bland. :smile:


@GysvANDRegulus don't worry if I get some votes on a v2 I'll make one but do you know any code for animated clouds


I spent a week or so on this so I'll probably end of making it way better I have the next few days off school so I'll be busy


@Intellection74 you liked my project I feel special


This was very good and deserves featured! I like the use of clones!


Clones art my master piece @Zachyswag


I'm good with clones too!


XD amazing I've only meet like 3 cloners here all are my friends xD
(Well now 4 people)


@GysvANDRegulus idk how to do animated grass but I have moving clouds now


Make some clones (maybe 255 if you don't include the original, or 256 if you do), space them out by 4, and make them turn by a little!


Where is the "amazingly awesome" button?


I'm a bit confused by this like the stuff @Mathgirl has in her trail artfor Halloween


There is none because I'm not finish I'm working on a v2