Robots on Forum?!? - Robot is here calls me CRAZY and he does not no anything



Hi guys there are these robot accounts on the forum it's too much for me one is crazy the other one is just normal so weird here they are: @totallynotarobot and @totallyarobot


They might be people who are pretending to be a robot probably not real ones


What i dont understand is that @totallynotarobot just joined the forum 23 hours ago, but is already a regular.


he is a hacker maybe??


Weird! Can a leader help? What in the world?!?!?! :00110010101


i dont know :thinking:


Maybe he is a hacker or they are not really robots - that is only their names on the forum !


A mod probably promoted them. I have no idea why though...


Can I help you though ?


Oh, Ok.


Yeah who would promote someone new??


It might be one of the mods playing a trick or having fun


Ok, sure?


Hmm... this makes me think why can't @system use is microchip to speak?


I'm just a spoof account of @totallynotarobot, who isn't me, because why not?


are you really a robot?


Nope, just a person spoofing another account!
beep boop


Wow both of them joined 22 hours ago! They are also regulars! One of them say that @system is also a robot!


Since she/he already has Regular, it could be a Moderator testing something. :slight_smile:


But I'm @system...