Robo Tale: 2018 Big Hit!


If you want, I can help you. I may not be able to be able to help much (partly because I have been obsessed with making calculators and math projects instead of games).But, I’m pretty good with math and figuring stuff out. Also I have a pretty good 3- D code if you need it.


One question; Do you know how to make Pixel text?


With trail art or with text? But either way, no, not really.


It’s mostly when making a game you need time and the ability to be patient and sadly I have none of those :frowning:


I do!


Okay guys (@POMTL) would you rather have a brilliant new RPG (which I’m planning to be saveable) or a okay-ish game you all want coming out may? Yet some may want 1-2 switch that will probably come out FebruIary? To help you decide ill give you the pros and cons…


Pros: It is first in that poll and is all set out
Its a kind of action game

Cons: It will take a while… At least to may!
It may not be that high quality you would expect from this…

Robo Tale

Pros: Saveable RPG?
Its all set out and it looks really cool!
Its a series so lag is quite lower than JUMP…
Its just absolutely epic!

Cons: 1st episode mat not come out to April!
Cant play all of it all in one go
Its saveable by a code and it might not save everything…

1-2 Code!

Pros: Fun for the whole family!
20 Minigames!

Cons: Nobody will play it if they’ve got the switch and 1-2 switch…
Games will be very limited…

Okay make your decision! I will post plans for 1-2 code and robo tale when I find them…

  • 1-2 Code!
  • Robo Tale!
  • Jump!

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Robo tale it is! Ill get to work immidiently


This looks like this is going to be awesome!


Do you see any differences? Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to try and get some pictures on mAKE A START
(Sorry I accidently put caps locks!)


Hey @CodeHelp who can make some calm music as I’m terrible with Piano… I’m okay with guitar though…


There is a topic about it IF You want to do it ypurself:


@HopedHoper I like piano. Would Mozart work?


A slow calm tune before going into the dramatic game would be good



Me too, the joy yo the world old in my Christmas game was from guitar tabs translated into notes but there weren’t enough notes


That defines me. Check out my projects and you’ll see that they’re everywhere.


Well this is going to be delayed