Robo Tale: 2018 Big Hit!


Okay Okay 2018 isn’t for another few weeks and Ep 1 of Robo Tale isn’t coming out for ages… Wait what is Robo tale? Well you shall find out in this topic…

What is Robo Tale?

Robo tale is an open world game where you are Robo! You follow the storyline through each episode! Its an RPG and its going to be saveable via a password! If you would like a blurb for the game here it is: A distant land you have landed in. A land of humans! A villain by the name of dark matter knows your destiny. Find an exit back to your Robo town before all is gone…

Hey! Please don’t create any flame wars on “Fame” or “Popularity” on this topic when you read this next bit!

This is going to try and be a Game Changer and Revolutionary project!

Other Information

Tell ya in a bit…

I’m also planning another project for next year like Nintendo’s Awesome 1-2 Switch but it will be 1-2 Code! And it will have epic mini games! This topic will be that help topic when this is done!

More pictures and planning will come out soon!

@OMTL I need your help! And please do not say enough tagging or I will have enough of that…

Thanks for any HELP given!


What is it gonna look like?


Hm, looks great so far! I like it. If you’ll need help, feel free to tag me, I’ll try to help.


Thank So! Question: Do you know anybody who could do text like MagmaPOP did in Shoot?


I do them a lot in my draft, though they never get finished.


Sorry, out of likes.


Could you do two saying Jump and Start?


Yeah. (Though can you give credit? If nope, I don’t care tho :p)


Sure! When you finish, they’re is going to be a scene that I’ve not decided and on the grass is the credits!


@HopedHoper “Jump” (tap the bubble at the left upper corner and copy this text. Then, paste it in your draft, make a rule “when game starts”, tap shrink by, e. g, 60% and set angle -90.
█ █
█ █

   █               .
           ██              .
   █               .




This seems awesome! As you tagged me, I guess that you want help and I’ll try my best to help you out. What are you wondering about?


I know you’re epic at trail art and I wondered how to make text bubbles and would trail art or shapes be good?


Ok I can help…I am really good with variables.


I know ThinBuffalo and BlastFusioncare good at text art.


@HopedHoper Can you scan the photos of the plan so that it is easier to read?


I can.

@blastfusion can.


We are all actually making projects using it right now


I have a pixel alphabet if you want to do one yourself


Thank you! Both options looks good, and the shape art method is probably the easiest as you would need a rectangular or completely circular bubble if you don’t want to use sin and cos.


I am using it! But I’ve ran into a problem, it’s not letting me copying on hopscotch for some reason but I can paste and I can copy anywhere else!


Hey! I’ve ran into a problem… Copy and Paste for me is absolutely not working! I’ve got no progress done and I’m just running into problems every minute! My IPad is too old that I can’t make a game as big as this on it! I’ve had an idea for a game called Robo’s Tale and I’ve planned it all and I know I can make it! I would be able to make Jump but it will probably take to about May… I need your help!

  • Carry On With Jump
  • Forget About That And Make A New Game
  • Make 1-2 Code!
  • Other (Please share in the comments

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Note: This is an Anonymous poll…

Thankyou @POMTL! Please vote as I need to know now!