Roblox is Tearing me APART!


Hey guys, dis not off topic << Ugh autocowwect. Anyday... So sowwy for not being on I have been on Discord - A Chatting thing. And Roblox I Have been Getting ACDIDTED! So I met this rad guy who live in UK and he my fren :3 We chat on Discord, he 14 years old << OOPS I getting off topic. His time zone is BST. (British Summer Time) Sorry I am talking lik dis. My other fren :3 hei nam Dank I cwall him Danky. But sorry I have not been on


I'm addicted to League of Legends (LoL). I barely make time to do anything else, lol. League of Legends puns, lol. I really need to stop.. I post on the forum while waiting to respawn, lol.


i'm addicted to blocksworld.
roblox not so much.
because their events...


I downloaded Blocksworld! It was really confusing though, so I deleted it. ;-; I did make this city and it was really glitchy! :slight_smile: I guess I was a beginner, so all my worlds weren't very good!


it doesnt take much time to build stuff like these.


also i posted a tutorial.
sorry that the quality is low.
somehow i cant do high quality...


It's okay! Thanks for letting us know, anyways!


I have blockheads XD


Ooh a British teen!

It's okay


I was in a Roblox phase when I was in around 1st-2nd grade
But Roblox is still rad


Guys lets not get off topic with "Blocks World"



dis is off topic
I have a friend I talk to in a video game
She is a-maz-ing
But her video game isn't working so we can't talk
It hasn't been working since late july ;-;
im still waitinggg ;-;


Or lets not get off topic with that.