roadRAGE - Thank You


Thank you for getting ‘roadRAGE: drive crazy’ featured a while ago, I truly appreciate it. It makes me even more excited that it got featured from the team directly, and not from requests. This is mostly targeted towards t1, which I’m assuming is the person who got me here as she was the first one to like it before tons more likes came in. It’s nice to come back to Hopscotch after a while and realize the community is just as great as they were before. Users kenlauescuadro and CreationsOfANoob were and still are are super inspiring to me while I make my projects, and I can’t get over how happy I am for CreationsOfANoob making that 3D project – what a game-changer! I’d also like to say thanks for featuring ‘Huggybear 3’ about a year ago, if someone may remember that. Thank you everyone, it means everything to me.


Congratulations! I can tell that you are excited, and I can’t blame. Your game is really good and truly deserved featured. Is this your first feature?

It’s a simple mistake, but t1 is a she.


Congratulations on the featured! It’s a great game. I especially like the transitions between menus, I think it is really well done.


Congratulations to your featured, it is an awesome game!


Whoops, I’m super sorry about that. It wasn’t a typo, although that’d be a good excuse. Thanks for telling me – I’ll be sure to fix it in my newer fourm posts.


Congrats on that! I remember that game :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m @PezTheFireCat