Road Racing City GT (Beta Testing)

Hello everyone reading this, I’ve been working on a project for a very long time. (Since the summer of 2020). It is finally ready to be tested.

What is this game about?
It is a racing game, It has 4 cars 3 you can unlock with speed points. There are 3 game modes Classic, Chase, and Time Attack. There are also 3 Tracks for you to race on! Sunset in Rome, Caribbean Paradise, and New York City.

There is probably a lot of bugs with this help finding them would be very appreciated!
Feedback would be very appreciated!

Lastly I know there’s a lot of objects in the editor I know now how not to use a ton of objects xD.
Thanks for taking time and reading this!

I can’t include links, (I think this has to do with trust level). If someone could post the link that would be appreciated, or go to hopscotch and search up “Road Racing City GT” the thumbnail should look like my profile picture.


First also ok


Woah! Awesome! I’d be happy to beta test for u!

Also i cant seem to find the link

If u put a space in the link i can edit it though!


Can you link the project (just delete “https:”)


you can post link like this:

https: //forum. gethopscotch. com/t/road-racing- city-gt-beta-testing /59991/3

and i’ll repair your link


Here’s the link.


Hey there, welcome to the forum!

I will be happy to beta test and help!


Also, this game has A LOT of potential in my opinion.

Great job! Are you finished with it?


Thanks, I planning to add a few stuff to it like tracks, maybe a gamemode, cars, etc.


Wow, since 2020? This sounds so cool! The game concept also sounds very cool.

I played the game, and I really like it!

I think since you have a great game already, that would enhance it even more. Sounds cool!


I’ll test!


This game is cool! I would recommend adding buttons instead of just words.


Really interesting to see you’ve developed this for a full year!

If you spam the lane switch button really fast, sometimes the car goes out of the lane and into the backdrop.
Also, I kinda wish there were more obstacles, at least on the first track, other than timers.

I could give feedback on the design of the menus if you want!

I like how you can select your car and map, kinda like a real racing game, though. :+1:


Traffic was actually planned, I scrapped it due to it taking so long, however there is some code that is unused that would go to traffic. There’s also a few unused objects that would have been for traffic. I think I did a test with traffic with New York City, its the only track it works on. If you want me to add try to add it in ill see what i can do. (Keep in mind traffic is very undeveloped, and may take a bit of time.


I think it would be worth it if you can spare the extra time. It would add complexity to the game to make it much more fun and interesting. :+1:


Slothy will join great game as I think it is


I’d love to beta! It’s an amazing project, and it’s really cool that you’ve put so much time into it! All your effort is really paying off!

I agree with Rawrbear, that if you have time, you should add obstacles to avoid as you are driving. That would make it much more interactive.

That being said, I loved how you gave the player lots of gameplay options. There was something for everyone, and a player would likely play it multiple times to see all the different aspects of the game.

Good job! I can’t wait to see the next version (:


Also how do save a games progress? I just got the premium version of hopscotch and I’m wondering how you do that.

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user variables, if you turn the advanced editor on (go to settings on your profile) then you should be able to access them

You can use “user variables”

You need to go into settings and turn on ‘Advanced Editor’. User variables are listed under variables. They will stay the same when a user exits and re-enters a project.

Edit: ahh nobody beat me to it!