Omg! 40 weeks later, rising was updated. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! It wasn't me, but it was updated!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool! It looks like it was manual?


Yeah. The Hopscpcth team like the project. That may explain,ain they saw it.




Wow that's pretty cool. Maybe they are bringing it back...


Now we can have a change of getting trending featured ish!
Or someone could be hacking who knows?lol


They must have seen my topic or other people's topics (idk)
I said rising needs to be updated! Yay


Yay! I don't know how to say this and I don't want to just scream yay so I'm typing this!


Yay! I rarely check rising, but YAY!!!


Wow, thanks for telling me! I almost never checks rising because of the inactivity on there, but now I´ll make sure to check it!


sheesh my projects that could be on rising sure do go unnoticed -_-



once upon a long while ago, I used to get Risings :0000


Yaaaaaaay! Lol

It needs to get updates more ;0;


What is Rising?
sorry, I need to add more text here as there is some 20 character rule :confused:


It's a tab on Hopscotch, kinda like the featured one ;D


Why are there two then?

@lollypopcorn ~ something popped up saying I'm out of replies :sweat: but thank you :smile: hopefully I'll try getting on rising myself! :laughing:


Well some people say it's for projects that are really good but not good enough for featured, but Rodrigo told me that its operated by a computer system, and I don't know how that would work. I also don't know which one is true :thinking:


Yes, when your a new user you'll run out of replies until you get your trust level up, don't worry, it doesn't take that long :)
And you're welcome! Also good luck, I'm gonna try too :D


As far as I know, #rising is for the projects which show potential and show a good level of skill. It used to be like a mini Feature. Now though, a lot of Featured projects are basically equivalent to Rising projects: great, but not necessarily mind bogglingly new or innovative.


That's kind of the point. It's literally to show "rising" people. People who are showing effort and skill in their projects. Doesn't have to be advanced.

Most of my risings were actually made using video tutorials, at first at least.