Rising coders colab



Hey yall.
I wanted to make a colab cause the last time i tried no one joined. I want to make a colab for pepole who are not the best at coding, though anyone can join. Sooo uuuuuuuuuu tell me if you want to join

The account name is RisingCoders

I will only post the pasword when someone who wants to join is online so hackers or something doesnt get it


me teg list

If u wana join tag me and tell me


This will be global edit tomorow probably



yeah I know you got it back quick once

but probably not again


May I join???


I wanna joiner tag list


ok but i probably will




Thanks! The link won’t work though


Works for me


Ok so ima psot the pasword
Like it when you have it saved somewere


No the account one it doesn’t do anyting


Oh what’s the username?


Oh ok


And is this on forum or app?


App, RisingCoders


Oh nice do you want us to say whom created which project?


can I join ?


Coders don’t rise, they fall.


Artists, on the other hand, rise, like.


yeh shure