Rise'n'Shine Hopscotchers!



Hi Guys,

I was recently on @Liza ‘s topic about Keeping the Community Healthy. So I asked her a question. Is she going to upload projects into featured more often. Unfortunately not, she said. But the good thing that she said was that we can make a topic to nominate those people who aren't noticed.

So here are the rules.

No spam allowed, except for walrus memes :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)
Please don't go off topic.
No bullyin-g.

There are two types of things you can nominate.

1 A project that isn't noticed that much but is nevertheless very good.
Example: @Pazon123 ‘s Undertale Engine.

2 An account that is very good but not noticed.
Example: @Intellection74

Now that you know the rules, start nominating! :grinning:


There's already a topic on this, it's by @asha I think :wink:


Isn't there this topic for this?


awesome! i love the idea but i think @asha made a topic about this. What do you think? maybe if you changed it to bringing great hopscotchers to others attention it would be a brand new idea!




It's ok, you can do what @SnowGirl_Studios said, and make this about great hopscotchers instead :wink:


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@Sobit (aka SapphireWolf) she makes awesome things and also Neon cleats


Thx RW! I think @RubyWolf1 has cool projects too.


Thanks SW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the free press? Lol. I'm still updating that by the way. It's just being a bit... complicated now XD