Rise In Quality


Has anyone noticed a lot of rando’s just uploading these amazing projects?

It really is great seeing this, and I would like to encourage more of this. In addition to that, I have noticed that featured quality has RISEN. You may disagree, but actually observe it. Noticeably, there has been less quantity and more quality. Featured isn’t updated as often.

Keep thinking about it
. Rising is updated frequently
. Better projects
. More inspiration

This is fantastic! If the quality can go further up, the better the app. Keep it up, but even try to balance out trending. It it quite an outlier compared to other qualities, and if there’s more coding games, the better. Keep it up, everyone, great work.

I will start working on a project. I haven’t lost interest anyhow. Feel free to ask about it.


The start of a new age? This is what we all wanted!


Yet the end of another. I guess the feature quality is good.


That is cool, I am excited! :slight_smile:


I am interested in what project you are making…is it flappy golf?


I already did that. Here is a hint:

It probably seems impossible but I’m only having one town! It’s gonna be much simpler.


Cool, I am super excited! Could you tag me when the project is published?


Yay! Can I help beta test or something?


That would be cool if I could do as well!


It will take a while to publish. Thanks for offering, @HopscotchRemixer and @William04GamerA. I will ask for beta testers near publishing time.


that looks amazing…


Okay, cool! :slight_smile: