RIP Carrie Fisher(and Debby Reynolds)



Rest in peace, and let the force be with you.


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What will Star Wars do?


And musicians like David Bowie.


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In future movie, they'll use CGI


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Wow. I didn't hear about all this until today, but wow.

Now that I look back through my early childhood, I remember that Leia was the first strong female character I'd ever seen in an action movie.

It's hard not to associate Carrie Fisher with Leia, just as it's hard not to associate Alan Rickman with Severus Snape, but Ms. Fisher in her role inspired me and a lot of other kids to be "strong female heroines" in my/our lives.

May the Force be with you, Carrie.


Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Mohammad Ali, Christina Grimmie, Harper Lee, Frank Sinatra Jr, Prince, Harambe, Carrie Fisher...


May the force be with her...


May the force be with you...



that last one though

i cri



Oh god
No not her mom
Debbie died as well
The poor family ;-;

Oh 2017 can't come fast enough

3 more days of this dreaded year


I cry every time I see this!

But now they have a stand in. A new Leia. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME


Some other woman. Look it up.


Meryl streep or whatever?

Total clickbait