Rights on the Forum


I hope it's ok I made a new topic. I spent time on it, and it's one of my better ones.

So, this particular issue isn't going on right now, but I have seen it many times. We all know what I'm talking about,

The people who want to communicate outside the forum, set their faces as their profile pic...

Lots of complaining about this sort of stuff. We hear the, "But it's not fair! I have the right of freedom of speech" or something like that.

This has been said before in other topics, but I want a topic to address this problem that people can just point to when other people are complaining.

When you sign up and use this forum. you agree to their rules.

On my way home from school today, I passed T-Mobile, a store that sells phones, tablets, etc. There was a sign on the door that said,

"Absolutely no firearms allowed in this store."

But..But...the 2nd amendment says I have the right to bear arms! (have guns)

Long explanation, but the store does have the right to do this.
Like the forum has the right to make their rules.

Thanks for reading. :ok_hand:

PS Anyone know any good music? Not looking for anime. I'm lowkey sick of all the music out right now...any hidden gems?? Closer, starving, 24k magic, stuff like that was good, now it's old. That's the genre I'm lookin' for




Oh so @TheRealBlah_Backup he other one was closed does that mean that you're not allowed to smke ANOTHER ONE


Excuse me but the other one was closed for a reason. That doesn't mean u should start a new one. Do u Want to tag the mods to close it or recycle the topic?


U can if u want to
But really idk


Nice topic! I think a lot of people need to know this.


It wasn't closed for a reason. System closed it. Honestly, I'm tired of this. I even apologized to you and said I'm sorry if my words hurt you.


I'm just following the rules like u said.


What then why can't I have nicki minaj


Thanks for being a good citizen of the forum! :smiley:


I don't understand, sorry.


The nicki minaj topic for the club


I dislike Minaj
Her music, rap, songs are really…
No hard feelings here
My opinion


I don't know. She can be inappropriate, I guess. She might be something to enjoy on your own.


I feel you think that listen to these songs
The night is still young
I lied
The crying game
Dear old nicki
Grand piano
All things go
Letter to lil wayne
Pill and potions
Can anybody hear me
Bed of lies
Romans revenge
Sweetest girl
Flawless remix
Your love
Pound the alarm
Did it on em
Girls fall like dominoes
Marilyn monroe
Mona Lisa

Ooh how many more I could name!! She even encourage she kids to stay in school! She's such a wonderful woman. Just because, like, FIVE songs are innapropriate, that doesn't mean she's a bad person herself.


That's a good point!

Do you mind if we get on topic? I don't want to have people arguing about nicky and why she shouldn't be allowed. Everyone has their own opinions.


Thx senpaiiiiiiiiii


Still agreeing.


I listen to song parodies more than I listen to songs lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm pretty sure the face rule is for people under 13 years old but idk for sure


That's what COPPA says, but since it's hard to know which users are 13 and up, THT just outlawed it for everyone.