Rights on the Forum (Closed, Look at Take two)


So, this particular issue isn't going on right now, but I have seen it many times. We all know what I'm talking about,

The people who want to communicate outside the forum, set their faces as their profile pic...

Lots of complaining about this sort of stuff. We hear the, "But it's not fair! I have the right of freedom of speech" or something like that.

This has been said before in other topics, but I want a topic to address this problem that people can just point to when other people are complaining.

When you sign up and use this forum. you agree to their rules.

On my way home from school today, I passed T-Mobile, a store that sells phones, tablets, etc. There was a sign on the door that said,

"Absolutely no firearms allowed in this store."

But..But...the 2nd amendment says I have the right to bear arms! (have guns)

Long explanation, but the store does have the right to do this.
Like the forum has the right to make their rules.

Thanks for reading. :ok_hand:

PS Anyone know any good music? Not looking for anime. I'm lowkey sick of all the music out right now...any hidden gems?? Closer, starving, 24k magic, stuff like that was good, now it's old. That's the genre I'm lookin' for


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Your title got my attention XD


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This is a great topic, thanks a ton!

As to the music part...
This song's not too old, but it's not new. I used to be obsessed with it, and a recent Hetalia MMD makeove of it got me obsessed again.

(It's in French, but there are translated lyrics everywhere on the interwebs and in the video)


Wow, that's really cool! I like it! Thanks for showing me! :smiley:


The lyrics are pretty sad, so, that's what I like about the song.



This is directed at me lol


I am in LOVE with this song but some words that are in there are "bad" (they're not actual swear words, just like bad words?? Well considered bad words to da fourm..)


I disagree with this topic 100%
No offense


Was this directed at me?


No, it's really not. I really dislike when people silently point fingers. If somebody has something to say, they should say it.


No offense taken.

Though I am curious, why do you disagree?


No! I'm talking about a song that I like. Not yours, it's fine.


Please explain why.


Nice title. XD


We have freedoms of speech to do whatever we want

U can't argue that we don't

Also, if u guys wanna follow all rules then everyone under 13 has to leave

It's not tht responsibility to take care of me. They worry about themselves. I do what I want to keep myself safe. They are not part of my life. Who cares if my profile pic was a pic of me? It my choice. Instagram, snap chat , Kik you are allowed to have ur profile
pic be u


Because even though I communicate sometimes I'm usually making edits or doing homework, you know very well there's a long list of "innocent" hops that communicate.