Right Age on Hopscotch? (opinion)



Dear fellow Hopscotchers,
I've noticed lately that people are quite concerned about the age of people on Hopscotch. Frankly, in my opinion, I believe the Hopscotch is for all ages--as long as you are an inexperienced programmer. Experienced programmers may make very complex programs that ruin the opportunity for others, I think. But really, I guess experienced programmers can help the newer players.

Sincerely, Qubertion


I agree that Hopscotch is for all ages, but I think advanced programmers should be able to do it also. Hopscotch inspired me to learn actual coding languages, so it is just improvement! They can just create cooler, more intricate projects, so why would that ruin someone's experience?


I agree hopscotch is for all ages,but it's good to have very experienced coders because they inspire people :wink:


Yeah I totally agree Hopscotch is for everyone — "ages 8 to ∞" Hopscotch said in their app description!

I think no matter what your skill level everyone can join Hopscotch, since if you're new to programming you can learn how to code, and if you know code you can share your knowledge with everyone else as well :smiley:


Advanced coders can help the basic coders.


Anyone can play Hopscotch! But I think Hopscotch put an age description (8 yrs+). That's just the best age to start Hopscotchin' at. Advanced players can help anybody that has any skill level! They actually inspire us with new great projects! Everyone is different so no matter what, they can join and have a happy, nice time on Hopscotch. Coding rocks :slightly_smiling:


Yeah I agree @Berrymelon. I think everyone can use Hopscotch at any age once they learn reading and maths skills, otherwise it would be hard to understand much :smiley:


Some people are concerned about ages because they think teens are taking over Hopscotch (I've seen lots of those). But my opinion is that anyone can be part of Hopscotch. The more experienced people make really complicated projects, and I don't always understand how they did it. But it usually inspires me to get better so I can make those kind of projects too, because those complicated projects are pretty cool. Thanks!


yeah, eight+ is a good age


I agree @DragonLover975 , by looking at other people's projects, we can learn from each other, and less experienced coders can learn from experienced ones. We can all learn from each other as a community.


Yes, it is a nice age. But we still can have younger coders that understand as much as the older coders. It is possible :smile:But, sometimes younger coders might not really understand the harder parts of the game but I'm pretty sure they'll know the basic and good stuff.


I think anyone of any age, including adults, should be able to code on Hopscotch like I said before, any age up to infinity :smile: