Rider and UnderagedCoder1's General Topic of CoDiNG and Polls and Trolls and I shouldn't be editing this but I am savage so ya


Hello there
This is my topic for @Rider and @UnderagedCoder1
(and now @Logan_Edwards77)
Anyone can join
Plz edit the title and this lol
Have fun


Anybody want to talk about coding?


Hopscotch has coding


Cool. Both of you guys are great at coding :smiley:


Thanks I really appreciate that


Nvr mind
What is your favorite part of HS?

  • Coding
  • Fake Coding (Bruh)
  • RP
  • Drawing
  • All of the above
  • Potatoes
  • All of the below


Votes are public.


You're gonna make me cry
I am very emotional


My friend is logged onto my account, that is why I may have posts everywhere


Im sitting next to u, and that's not true


Logan is for sure


Hello anyone want to talk?


Is that a no?


What is your Hopscotch username?
How did you get your Hopscotch username?
When did you join Hopscotch?
What is your favourite Hopscotch project?
Who are your favourite Hopscotchers?
How did you find Hopscotch?
What is your favourite part about Hopscotch?
What do you like making best in Hopscotch?
What is your Hopscotch weakness?
If you could add one feature to Hopscotch, what would you add?
What are you working on currently in Hopscotch?
Why did you join the Hopscotch forums?


Ok chill
2:Cause I started coding real young
4:Lil' Doggie
5:@Valgo and @KVJ
6:I'm stopping there


I like you logo better now


Thanks! I like it too, I think it's a nice change. Your logo is pretty cool too.


How did you make it? A photo editor?


They took my account off hold whats up


The ceiling, what u think


I think you only get 10 posts for 24 hrs and then u get unlimited
FYI: u currently limited