Riddle tournament! 5 spots left! (Hopscotch related)



Hi everyone! I'm doing a riddle tournament!
So, how it works, is ten people can join. When they do, I will give the first riddle, and I will tell you when your answers are due. If you answer wrong, you're out, and if you don't give me your answer by then, your out! Then, we do another round, and so on until one person is left!

To join, tell me your username on hopscotch, and any other info I may need!

How is this hopscotch related?
Well, the winner of the whole tournament, gets:

  • a custom logo made on hopscotch
  • a shoutout on hopscotch
  • and I will follow them on hopscotch

Reply if you want to join! I'm accepting ten people! if you don't make it, it's ok, I will have more!

If your in, please don't cheat!

People in:



I'm joining! I don't cheat and I don't rub it in when I win!


Ok your in! Boy, girl, or both?


Both. Separately is optional.


can I join?
my username is @PurpleDevil
although i have a problem: I won't be able to reply for about 36 hours :grimacing:


Ok. How about you guys work together! Is that okay with you?


Okay! We are totally fine with that!

– the girl
And then the boy is playing Moonlight Sonata downstairs.


Sorry, but since you can't be on, that's a problem! I'm going to start to give riddles soon, and if people don't answer their out! Since you can't answer, you'll probably get out in the first round. I'm really sorry! You'll be the first person in my next tournament if you want!


Of course I understand that I can't be in the first tournament!
But it would be great if I could be in the second round, I mean tournament...! Thx


Can I join?! 20202020


Yah! You're in!
Does anyone want to help me and makes advertisements? We need more people!


I can help! 2020202020


Cool! Thanks!


Join for me? 2020292020200


Can I join, please? I won't cheat! My HS username is Enchantedhopscotcher


I'll join! :smiley:


All three of you are in!