Riddle jokes! For you guys


I can't solve riddles :joy:



I know the second one. (I didn't look it up I swear)

You rode a horse called Friday (my friend actually has a horse called Friday XD)


Cuz if u take away two ur the one who has the 2


Wow ok I need another one


Actually it's because I used to watch this channel called daily broccoli and they tell you all these answers and stuff like dis
a turtle a monkey and a bird race for a banana on a coconut tree who gets it?
Answer: no one bananas don't grow on coconut trees!


First: 2 obvi
Second: your horse/cats name is Friday (my friend asked me once)
Third: the library??


A mushroom :D


Wait a min @anikeony thought you left


@anikeony and @ValueGamesStudio got shoutouts!


Uhhhhhh yay now me go watch somthing cause me bored bye Senpai


What belongs to you but your friends use it more


I'm waiting for @ella_13 to get unsuspended.


Come solve them



Ur trust I think that's what it is


Uhh one of those dumbbell things that u see at the Olympics


Wrong sorry xD........



Get it because you like hang out with them a lot


Incorrect! Try again


Palm tree??? For the tree one???

  1. A disease
  2. A bonsai
  3. W