Riddle jokes! For you guys


Anyone want to do some riddles?

  • don't look up answers or it won't be fun
  • You can catch it but not throw it what is it?
  • what kind of tree can you carry in ur hand?
  • What is at the end of a rainbow?

first one to get all correct gets a shoutout on my bio!






What kind of room has no doors or windows? Don't lookup answers


Aug. Is this a riddle?



A closet? Idk


It's a mushroom lol get it?


A mushroom!




Can I get one @EmojiArts


Look at the top of the page there's 3 riddles


What building has the most stories: The library?


I know these riddles apart from the 2nd one, my friend asked me once


If you rode on town to Friday blah blah blah: the cars name is Friday


If ur looking up the answers ur disqualified also because I can tell


If there are 2 apples and you take away one how many do you have?: One duh


Hope it is okay. I answered 2


That is incorrect!! Try again


THE FIRST on is correct'


How is it 2 you have 2 take away 1 bam you have 1  XD


U are d same person that took it away that means u have one left and u also have d one u took away