Riddle for you guys


Most people don't forget that it's Billy's mother! Not to offend anyone


Lol :heart::heart::heart: Can't like I'm out again!!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sob::sob::sob:


What do you need to break before you use it?


You only have a certain amount of likes to use each day


What prowls in the trees
What Flies
What Chirps
What Sings
Once in 17 years
That is so easy :laughing:


Keep this related to Hopscotch! :wink:


Yeah I agree "orange scent!" (Wink wink)


a cicada? :grimacing:




What's dat?


a cicada? I have never seen one, but its supposedly a really annoying bug that only comes out every 17 years.


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They are very loud (among the loutest insect)! They don't really harm anyone mostly and I think they are very cute!


Yes Bot, we need to bot