Riddle for you guys


Okay, I have a riddle for you guys. What travels the world, but always stays in one corner? NO SEARCHING FOR THE ANSWER!


Idk! What?


Just try and guess lol


A wall? Idk :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Wait I know that riddle is it a ... Stamp


Oh!!! That makes sense! Here's another riddle: What can be HUGE but doesn't way a thing g?


Is it a huge shadow my friends told Me that one


Yup. Now, what occurs one every minute, twice in every moment, but never in a thousand years?


Umm the letter m


Am I right!


Wow! You are good at these! Now you give me a riddle!


seller does not need it The buyer does not use it but the buyers friend uses it without knowing what is it


And if you finish that one there is one on the bottom




I know it is hard


Is it water??? XD idk!!!


It is a coffin the seller does not need the coffin because he is alive . The person that buys it is alive so he doesn't need it. But his friend is dead and does not know that he is using it


Yikes!!!! That was a good one!


Here is another one

Billy's mom has 3 children April May and what is the third child's name


Uhh.... Billy? Duh it says right there!